Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is by far the most famous and popular Chinese martial arts in the world. Our Shaolin Kung Fu training will convey you practical fighting skills, acrobatics and a whole new body feeling.

Health & Fitness

There’s a class for everyone, come find yours. Inspire your mind and transform your body with moving classes and workouts taught by instructors devoted to making it the very best hour of your day.

Tai Chi Class

While Tai Chi does give incredible health benefits, it is also an internal martial art, capable of transforming your body, mind and also self-defense capability. It is suited for people of any age, gender or body form.

Longevity Qi Gong

Get incredible health benefits, strengthen your body, expand your mind and find inner peace with Qi Gong! Qi Gong refers to a wide variety of traditional meditative practices that involve accumulating, circulating and working with energy within the body.

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